3 Things I STILL Love About My Hubby After 15 Years

As a Mom of three kids, it is important for me to remember and look back on the things I love about my Hubby. With the kids in tow it can be hard to focus on my marriage, but I truly believe that a healthy marriage is the key to kids being raised in a loving home. So here’s to celebrating 15 years of marriage to my best friend!

May 28, 2005

I met my hubby in 2003 when I went to Mexico to practice speaking Spanish. He always says, “She found the best teacher ever.” After 18 months, only 4 in the same location, we got married. May 28, 2005 was the day we got married and started our family.

Two short weeks after our wedding I found myself driving in a car from Minnesota to Mexico with my new husband. My hubby jokes that it was the best honeymoon ever but I didn’t agree! I had never dreamed of road tripping and staying in cheap motels for my honeymoon, but we had to get to Mexico somehow.

Although we saw many great sites as we drove across country, it was also some what stressful. We were strapped for money and staying in people’s homes as newlyweds-it was somewhat awkward to say the least.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the road trip was just the first of so many adventures. We have been on so many adventures together, which have included 18 different countries, and I hope we have many more ahead of us!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2005

Today, I choose to share the things I love about my husband after 15 years of marriage….

1. The first thing I love about my hubby is the way he pushes me to try new things and to go out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s as simple as trying new food and other times it’s more complicated like traveling from the United States to France when I’m 6 months pregnant with our second son. It ended up being a great trip and a much needed break from being Mom- the grandparents watched our other son for us.

Paris, France 2011, 6 months pregnant

2. The second thing I still love about my hubby is his smile that brightens every room he walks into. His sense of humor and laughter have made many tough situations easier to handle. His laughter has made our marriage and life together more fun. And of course his smile is one of my favorite features about him- muy guapo!

2019 we went to Israel

3. The third thing I still love about my hubby is his willingness to learn and grow. This includes maturing in his walk with the Lord and in his faith. He has also grown in his roles as a husband and father. Even his leadership style has molded and changed to lead others more effectively. I’m thankful that he has a desire to learn new things and is always striving to be and do better.

He was certified for Myers Briggs in Spanish

In 15 years, we have had many ups and downs but our love has changed and matured. I’m so grateful for my hubby!



2 thoughts on “3 Things I STILL Love About My Hubby After 15 Years

  1. Hermosooooooo! me encanta! I always see how much love you have for him Vanita 🙂 you are woman who deserve so much respect. For what I always see, you honor and respect hiim and that says a lot about you. Yes, your hubbby es guapo 😀 and you are hermosa 😃We need woman in this world who see the best of their husbands, embrace it and love them. You and Lucio are a gorgeous couple. I love what you share. Thank you and cheers! Happy Anniversary 💖

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