I Didn’t Want to be a Boy Mom-Part 1

My oldest son just turned 12.  He wasn’t just the one who made me a mom, he was also the first to make me a Mom of Boys or #MOB. 

When my oldest was born I was fine with the idea that I was having a boy.  In the perfect birth order I had imagined for any future kids I would have, my first was a boy.  The second would be a girl.  Then we would see if there would even be a third. 

We were living in Mexico when I found out we were expecting a baby.  It’s always a new experience for any first time mom.  To make things extra interesting we had to borrow money to buy a pregnancy test.  Then the whole stick got saturated with urine so it was ruined-it is best practice to pee into a cup and then put the stick in…just saying.

Eventually it was time to go to the doctor for the magical ultrasound.  You know the one, where they tell you if there are three legs or just two 🙂 

My hubby was holding my hand and I felt him squeeze it as the doctor told me he had found a penis.  What?!?  My husband was so excited that his first born would be a son.  And I was happily naive of the world I would soon enter. 

It was okay.  Our first born would be a son and then we would have a second baby- a daughter.

I had no idea in that moment that I was being thrown into a world where I would have to make decisions about things like circumcision. 

I would have to learn to clean a diaper so that I wouldn’t get squirted when my precious little baby peed without a diaper on.  Peepee Teepees are a cute idea but not actually practical, a washcloth is much better so you can just throw it on top like a rain tarp.

Me and my first son Josue
Josue 2 years old, wearing snow boots and a diaper 🙂

During my second pregnancy, I was mentally prepared for a girl.  It would follow the pattern in our families. Both my husband and I come from families where the first born is a son and the second born is a daughter.

When the doctor found a penis once again on the ultrasound I was in shock. Why would God give me a second son? What do I know about raising boys?

I would go back and forth between the practical benefits of having two boys- like the benefit of hand me downs, and similiar likes in toys, cartoons etc.

Then I would doubt my capabilities of raising two sons. How would I connect with boys? God was so patient with me.

God began to show me a purpose in giving me two sons. Now don’t misunderstand me, I believe with all my heart that God gives us the kids that we are made to parent. I believe that raising girls is just as important as raising boys, but this is how God helped me embrace my role as a Mom of Boys.

God showed me that this world is in great need of little boys who will grow into strong men. Men who can be leaders with good morals. Men who will love on their wives. Men who will be present with their own kids.

I began to understand that my role as a #BoyMom was bigger than I could imagine.  I had an important job to do.  God entrusted me with sons who will someday grow into men.

This new realization was a game changer for me. By 2012, I was a mom to two little boys. My house had been over taken with Hot Wheels and Dinosaurs.

Josue holding his baby brother Josiah
These two are too cute

Even better, my heart was being overtaken by the best little hugs ever- hugs of a little boy who thinks his mom is his world. My arms were full as I breastfed my second son and enjoyed his contagious little smile.

Josiah-So smily even with his helmet on

After having two sons, I was learning that raising boys was a unique responsibility. I was learning that boys are physical and loud and yet wonderful. I was smitten with their tender hearts hidden deep below farting sounds and stinky feet.

I was finally in a place where I was thankful to be a mom of two healthy and happy boys!

Our family of 4…..Little did I Know there would be another one

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