Hi! I’m so glad you are joining us on our journey!

My name is Vanita. I am a Mom of three boys and wife to a tall, handsome Mexican! I am passionate about encouraging other Moms in the special role they have in raising boys. Many people think that boys are a handful, which can be true sometimes but my boys bless my life greatly!

I strongly believe that each Mom is given the children that she is meant to raise and that God has given each mom the tools she needs for her specific children. As a Mom, it can be easy to compare yourself to other Moms but instead we should embrace our mothering styles.

This blog is about my own adventure in raising boys. It isn’t about a list of do’s and don’t but about embracing the fun and adventure that comes with having a house full of boys. I hope to share real life with you!

I haven’t always thought of myself as a Mom of Boys, but by the time I had my third son I decided to finally embrace the title. It isn’t always easy to be outnumbered 4:1 in my house, but I am so thankful for the family we have.

This blog and my social media pages are my way of inviting you into my home and into my family. We love being silly and we have lots of fun together. Another love of ours is traveling and experiencing new places, cultures and of course food-because again we have three boys.

My Knights don’t ride white horses it is more like riding llamas in this house hence the name Knights on Llamas. Through real life stories, I hope to bring the hope, joy and fun back into Motherhood.

Thanks for joining us on our adventure!

In This Together,