Inspiration On My Chalkboard

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I would not consider myself artistic. I would not consider myself good at drawing. But I love having pretty things around me-in my house, on my screen saver, wherever I can squeeze in something pretty.

After all, I live in a house with all males which comes with it’s own scents, sounds and things that aren’t pretty. In a world filled with super heroes, video games and futbol (soccer is not a sport in our house) I love a pretty frame with some encouraging words on it. I love a vase with some pretty flowers in it on the table.

In the past I have tried different items to put an important quote on or to display a favorite Bible verse and they haven’t worked out so well.

I am a fan of a good dry white board, because they are easy to clean, the markers write well and they even come in different colors. The problem is they are too easy to erase and my 3 year old thinks every dry white board is a blank canvas for his drawings.

I use a dry white board on the fridge to write a grocery list as I need things so I don’t forget as the days go on. It is getting a little frustrating because my little one pulls a stool up to the fridge and erases what I have on it.

A chalk board with chalk markers is a great option. It looks nice, the markers write well and it needs something wet to erase it, so it won’t be as easy for little hands to just wipe off.

I just received my new chalkboard from and a pack of amazing Chalk markers-there are so many amazing colors! The package arrived safely since it was wrapped in bubble wrap and in placed inside a cardboard box. We just moved into a different house and it arrived safely to our new house!

What a beautiful chalkboard! I had so much fun unwrapping it. I decided that during this season I could use a reminder to do all things with love. Who am I kidding? I can always use a reminder to do things out of love. So I chose to write a Bible verse on my new chalkboard so that I can have a regular reminder to do things with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14 says, “Let all that you do be done with love.” I did the best I could to write the words in an elegant, decorative way. It was so easy to use the chalk markers and they wrote very smoothe.

As I mentioned before, I’m not an artist but I love my new easel chalkboard. I placed it by the stairs on a ledge so I will see it regularly through out my day. Thank you Chalkola for such a beautiful and practical addition to my decor!

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