A Letter to my Son on Your Third Birthday


Today you turn three! We all love you! Our family would be incomplete without you. 💙💜💛

You came into this world in a hurry and officially made me part of the club of moms who have delivered with an epidural. We had only been in our home for two weeks, but your arrival made it feel like home.

You are a sweet boy and all you want for your special day is a bday cake with dinosaurs. 🦖 We will also celebrate with pizza at a park because it is 2020 and we are practicing social distancing.

You love singing songs like “Can’t Touch This” but we also hear you singing “Alleluya”. You are quite the entertainer. 🎤 I love hearing your sweet voice singing in the back seat while I drive.

I pray you will be a great leader some day because you like to tell people what to do, even the neighbors’ puppy🐕 and…..everyone else around you.

You love licking guacamole containers clean and you could eat beans with every meal….but that would be dangerous. 🤪

You like adventure and you are always right behind your big brothers. 🛴

You have special games with everyone- you snap and point to say “tranquilo Papá” 👉 and you try to give me kisses on the mouth 👄….you “kiss me en la boca” because in this house full of boys Mommy’s mouth is only for daddy so this is our game.

Josué is the brother you cuddle up with to read a book. 📖 With Josiah you can spend hours building forts and hiding from everyone. ⛺

We love you so much! Happy 3rd birthday to our Baby Shark, 🦈because in this family you will always be the baby. Besos! Te Amo! 😘


My Experience in Quarantine

This time in history has affected each one of us in different ways. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your gender, your race, what you do for a job or the language you speak-we have all been affected.

Last week was a tough week. It was an emotional week. We had arrived to week four of distance learning and our kids were frustrated. Our second grade son was saying things like, “I hate distance learning! I hate doing all my school on a tablet! It was so much better to do school with my friends!”

And of course when my boys are emotional so am I.

I have done regular homeschool in the past so I didn’t think distance learning would be so hard- but I was so wrong! When I homeschool my kids I am the teacher and I make the decisions for what we will study and what activities we will do.

In distance learning I am caught in the middle, a referee of sorts. I am keeping the game moving forward but I’m not on a team. I cried many times last week because my boys would say things like, “My teacher said I have to do it this way. Mom, that’s not how my teacher does it.”

How do I respond? Sometimes I respond with patience and understanding, but not last week.

Last week my responses were filled with frustration. I would respond with, “Well your teacher isn’t here and I am. I also know that a persuasive paragraph should have five sentences!”

All of these feelings, and that was only school related. What about the weight I’m gaining? What about the shower I need to take? What about the meals that need to be cooked? Don’t forget the two year old who thinks I’m the only one who can help him open a pack of fruit snacks.

This week has been better- thankfully! What did I do? I cried out to those around me, LITERALLY.

This shot wasn’t possible last week

I cried with co-workers over a Zoom meeting. I cried with the women from my church small group. I cried with my husband. I cried by myself in my kitchen. And I cried out to God that he would help me push through the frustrations and worries that had been building up all around me.

God is so faithful!

We received a video from my son’s teacher, after reaching out to her via email, about my son’s struggle with Distance Learning. It was so encouraging to both my son and I! The days following the video were completely different, my son was a different child while doing school.

I knew friends were praying for me and they sent me some encouraging texts-reminders that I wasn’t alone. I reached out and shared how I was honestly doing and my friends were able to respond and love on me.

This week was better than the last. Not because my environment was different. Not because the people around me changed. What changed was that I decided to reach out to those who care for me.

Are you hurting? Going through a tough time? Find someone to be vulnerable with. Bringing everything out of the shadows is the best way to fight our fears and anxieties.